What is The Real Master Within Program?

The Real Master Within Program is a multi faceted training approach in relation to the unification of the mind and body. By learning how to perform consistently “In The Zone” your mind and body will work in unison to take you to the next level of your choosen activity.

The program uses a methodology called Cubing Exercises as an omni training vehicle because one can not access the power of the mind based soley on exposure to one activity. Cubing Exercises will introduce you to the primary principles of physical performance much like musical notes give you the ability to create harmony. As you train you will be able to apply these principles to any other activity.

During the three stage program you will learn how to change your thinking in order to strengthen your desired results. During the first stage you will start by concentrating on mind and body unification performance principles which leads to better physical performance and consistency. With each successive stage, and as more mental exercises are mastered one advances from knowledge to practice to application.


How did The Real Master Within start?

description If one were to answer that question in its most literal sense it could be said that the concept of The Real Master Within started centuries ago. Assembled from many disciplines from around the world The Real Master Within is a distillation of mental principles via Cubing Skills as introduced to the new millenium by founder Martin White.

Martin White is a qualified and experienced instructor of Martial Wisdom as well as a performance development expert. He believes in, and teaches the “art of body motion through mind cubing”, a philosophy and program designed to emphasize internal training for self-discovery and personal performance via self mastery.


The mistakes that we make can not be corrected at the same level of thinking in which we created them.

- Albert Einstein