Introduction to Self Thinking

To Improve is to Experience Change

Each of these videos presents a different aspect of personal development through self thinking. The videos pose a number of questions. When you hear or see a question you may wish to stop the video and think about and answer before proceeding.

How does one improve and experience change?

By allowing the mind to take charge and guide the body's movements, and because the mind controls the body all physical development begins with thought.

Thought precedes everything one does. One's mind is constantly telling one what to do and with the proper training will unveil the awareness of mind and body unification. If one does not change personal thinking about what one wants to manifest the same results will be acquired.

I believe that "change" occurs when one decides to move out of one's comfort zone and challenge a new way. In order to truly change performance levels in one’s life, one must think differently. If you do what you always have done, nothing will change. It is important to remember that change is 100% accessible to anyone, but only by bringing the mind into one's training and life, and unveiling the real master within.

The same element in your life that feeds you negative thoughts can change those same thoughts into positive thoughts. training program directly deals with the removal of doubt towards one's physical capabilities. I feel that "Doubt" is the barrier to success; removing it; will lead the way to growth, happiness, and positive change.

“The physical skill has biomechanical limitations and once reached only the mind can continue your growth, including consistency”
- T.R.M.W.

Our doubts are traitors, and make us loose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt”

William Shakespeare