The Real Master Within Program

  • The training you are about to commit to represents the power of all major body movement principles.
  • The mind controls the body and therefore conflict only exists within the mind.
  • Learning to remove the mental conflict from within will allow for the highest performance results possible towards your choosen activity.

Program Category Overview

The Real Master Within program breaks down into three major categories: The Walking Tree Club, Performance Enhancement, and Please Help Me Mom and/or Dad. Each category focuses on specific aspects of the Mind and Body Unification program.

The Walking Tree Club
- Directs its attention to inner peace, compassion, health, wisdom, and longevity

description Your mind is your most powerful possession therefore never omit it from training and development. During the experience of exercising with the mind involved you are guided on a path of removing conflicts from your mind that would otherwise inhibit ultimate growth. Exercise your mind with your body. It creates and controls all your are concerned with.

Continuing education towards Performance Enhancement
- Deals with your specific physical activity to grow and attain higher levels of ability and consistency.

description This program is designed especially for Artists, Athletes & Dancers that when training want to promote higher skill levels while preventing performance error. The initial mistake many of us make is omitting the mental element from our program. As time passes, we develop physically, and sometimes at high levels, but most of us create mental "walls" and find ourselves on a plateau of performance we can't enhance simply because we fail to include our mind in our training.

Please Help Me Mom and/or Dad (Grandma and/or Grandpa)
- Prepares you to share self mastery knowledge with your child(ren)

description If someone is going to create a relationship with your child, you should be the first. Mind training will help with their self-discovery and disciplined self-awareness, It is 100% interchangeable to any activity and will flow naturally in all endeavours. Children that would normally watch, will now participate. Unleash your child's full potential. Only the mind can provide such a pleasure. Learn and teach your child Cubing, quality time, quality ties.

Internet Lessons Overview

The Online Training Program consists of 3 tiers of development. Each tier is a year long course in which you receive 24 video lessons which are accessed through our Members Club. You will be able to view a new video lesson every two weeks and will always be able to access your past lessons. You will also receive by mail the Training Manual, a Training DVD plus a Cube & Tri-Bar kit. Everything you need to unleash The Real Master Within.

  • Year 1
    Self Awareness: Understanding the connection between mind and body unification
  • Year 2
    Self Acceptance: Knowing without being told
  • Year 3
    Performing in Present Time: The art of being in “The Zone

The Cube & Tri-bar will be valuble aids to enhancing your physical exercises. Both the mental and physical parts of the training can be practiced anywhere and at any time you choose.

Workshops & Seminars

I will host an event at your training facility, school, church, camp, office, home or visit me for a day camp experience.

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It is impossible to begin to learn that which one thinks one already knows.

- Epictetus